Happy Birthday Jesus
December 25, 1016 - Hill Country Bible Church - Austin, TX
December 25, 1016 - Grace and Daddy celebrate Jesus' birthday

Grace typically attends her Sunday school class each Sunday while I attend the worship service.  This Sunday was the first time that Grace ever attended the worship service with me.

During the service, I was was warmly thinking that I would easily remember Grace's first worship service as it was on Christmas Day.

After the service, Pastor Tim Hawks invited all of the children on stage to sing a few impromptu Christmas carols.  Grace and I were sitting in the upper balcony and the Christmas caroling had wrapped up by the time Grace and I got on stage and situated behind the singing children.

I happened to be standing next to the music director, Clayton Ring.  After the treat of shaking Clayton's hand and swapping Merry Christmas greetings with him, the beautiful snow started to fall and  Pastor Tim emerged from the carolers.  Another treat to meet the pastor in that setting and he graciously obliged me when I handed him my phone and asked him to snap a picture.

To have Grace's first worship service forever captured in a picture by a fantastic preacher in our truly wonderful family church on Christmas day overwhelms me with gratitude.  What a blessing.

God Bless HCBC and thank you Pastor Tim for this phenomenal memory.